Our boxes are packed, our last days of school and work will soon be here and then what? It's off to live on the farm full time. There is so much planning and doing to be done that its hard to remember how we got here. It all started with an idea that we could grow and raise our own food. We started with some very small city gardens, then came the chickens, then the beehives, and even more chickens. We didn't produce a substantial amount of food but we thoroughly enjoyed what we did produce and turning it into things other people could enjoy. We visited farms and went on road trips where we day dreamed about having enough land to grow and raise whatever we wanted to. Then somehow without really looking for it we found a piece of land that had more space than we had ever imagined having and more than enough to grow food for ourselves. So then we had the second idea, why not grow and raise enough food for other people too?

     There have been many people and places that have inspired us along the way and here is just one to start with.

The Jubilee Farm in Carnation, Washington (