There isn't any progress to report this week. The smoke was so thick we couldn't get much work done except daily chores. Then the weekend rolled around and the smoke became so thick at night that it became hard to sleep. The boys and I packed up the car and headed to cleaner air on the other side of the mountains.  It was nice to visit friends, spend time on the beach and do some of our favorite city activities like train watching and eating Thai food.

Meanwhile back at the farm.......

Matt stayed behind and took care of the animals trying to get some work done outside but as you can see sometimes it was not that easy especially when it was also very hot outside. There were calm days where the smoke was almost undetectable and other days when the fire and smoke would start up again and it was almost as bad as the first days of the fires. The very last day we were gone there was a huge black cloud of smoke that hung in the valley and the wind picked up just enough the entire inside of the house was covered in a fine black soot. The boys and I are happy to be back at the farm helping with animal chores and breathing clean air again. We are almost back to normal but a couple of weeks behind on projects we wanted to accomplish before the first frost comes and the new baby arrives. The landscape however has been changed for what seems like will be a very long time. Here are a couple of Before and After pictures taken with Instagram.

This view is from the sheep shelters and the next set is from the farm house

I have been taking Polaroids for a couple of decades now but with the onset of Smart Phones and all the great apps like Shake it up, Hipstimatic, and Instagram I find myself using less and less film. Here is a great piece about Instagram from Mike Hipple's blog that you should read if you are a lover or hater of Instagram- Why I love Instagram.