We are currently signing up members for our Winter Grass-fed Meat CSA 2015. The CSA is three months long, February-April, and includes a box of grass-fed meat (approx. 6-8 lb. per box) per month for pickup at drop off locations the third Saturday of the month. The drop sites include one in Ballard, one in West Seattle, and in Ellensburg on the farm. We are reserving the last of our pasture raised chickens for our Winter CSA members and our members will also have priority when we have more available this summer, our chickens are rotationally grazed on our pastures with our sheep and cattle and fed a locally grown, whole grain feed, that is soy and gmo free. Most of what will make up the csa boxes will be our 100% grass-fed lamb and beef. The three month CSA membership is $225 and you will receive approximately $80 of food per box so you will get a 6% savings from our farmers market prices. For a registration form please e-mail us info@greenbowfarm.com image

Besides being an easy way to stock your freezer with tasty grass-fed meat being a CSA member means you are also making an investment in our farm. You are helping us get our 2015 started helping buy equipment, chicks, seeds, and in turn you are repaid with delicious food. We enjoyed the CSA we started last fall so much that we want to work towards having it be a year round membership with seasonal installments. Besides having members that are really excited about what we are doing on the farm we also liked connecting with them about food. So many are like us and choosing to have backyard chickens, ferment veggies, making cheese, or just really wanting to know where their food is coming from.


Some of the plans we have for the new year include expanding the CSA but also having some CSA memberships specifically for Eggs starting in the spring and one for Pastured Raised Chickens in the summer. We are also looking at expanding what we grow on the farm and selling at farmers markets. The past two seasons we have grown vegetables mostly for our family and we grew heirloom tomatoes to sell at the markets. This year we will do both of those things again and in addition we will grow fresh herbs for the market and also to turn into added value products like dry rubs and marinades that will work well with our grass-fed meats. We are both passionate about cooking so this is one area we are really excited about growing in and also sharing more recipes and tips for easy fuss free family meals!


We will also have way more pasture raised eggs available this year compared to last. This is one area we saw lots of demand in last year and started planning ahead raising a new group of laying hens in the late fall. Our eggs are in great demand which is huge for a small farm like ours but it also means with that many more chickens we have so much more of that nitrogen rich chicken manure to fertilize our pastures with. Healthy soils make healthy animals, and in turn healthy people!

Bottle Feeding

Thank you for your support! Without our members and regular farmers market customers we wouldn't be able to do what we do. We also wouldn't be able to keep expanding the food we produce on the farm and see a bright future on the farm one that also includes financial sustainability.