Green Bow Farm is happy to announce that we will have a Grass-fed Meat CSA for Winter/Spring 2016 For the first time ever we will have Pasture raised pork available and we will have 2 different size shares to choose from. The CSA share gives you monthly boxes of grassfed meat delivered to specified locations in West Seattle, Ballard, and in Ellensburg at the farm. The farm share boxes will be a mix of chicken, pork, lamb, and beef spread out over 4 months of deliveries. We made the different size shares to help fit people's cooking needs but we still do not make exceptions for what kind of meat goes into the share boxes.

The Winter/Spring CSA shares will be delivered the first Sunday of the month to specified locations and will be spread out over 4 months March-June. The two different CSA share sizes. The CSA shares save you 10% off of retail prices and there will be other perks like special prices on any additional farm food you would like to buy and of course the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a small sustainable farm directly and all of your money will go to keeping the farm running and financially sustainable.

Small-The small share size will be 5-10 pounds of meat per month and is ideal for couples or a family that doesn't eat a lot of meat. Small cuts with some roasts and ground.  The small share is $75/month cost for a total of $300 due at signup.

Large-The large share size will be 10-18 pounds of meat per month and is ideal for families or people who eat a lot of meat. The large shares will have more roasts and more ground which we find to be what we eat more of as a family of 5. The large share is $125/month cost for a total of $500 due at signup.

In addition to Grass-fed Meats we also produce Pasture raised Eggs and some herbs and vegetables that we will have available as add ons to your membership as the season progresses. We will keep you up to date with emails that let you know what's happening on the farm, what we have available, and recipes!

A little bit about the farm-

All of our chickens, turkeys, and pigs are raised on pasture and are a part of our multi-species rotational grazing model. They are also fed a locally milled whole grain feed that is soy, corn, and gmo free. The feed is also certified gmo free by the Non-GMO project. Why soy free? Getting away from GMO feed is important to us but also what the animals are eating is also important to their health and ultimately the nutritional quality of the food we are consuming. There have been multiple studies showing that the Omega-3 values in chickens that are fed soy are much lower than that of chickens not fed soy. A huge reason we raise animals on pasture is to give them not only a more humane and healthy life but to give them access to the forage like grass and bugs that creates healthier eggs and meat that contain higher amounts of Omega-3's something our modern diet is lacking.

All of our Sheep and Cattle are bred here on the farm and raised on pasture and are 100% grass-fed no grain of any kind. They aren't fed hormones or antibiotics we breed our herds for health and strength so we are pretty hands off other that moving them around on pastures. We also do not spray pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers on our pastures. Instead we rely on our multi-species rotational grazing model to organically fertilize the pastures and help control weeds.


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