Farm Model

Grass Based Farming

Green Bow Farm is a small family run farmstead in Kittitas Valley, Washington. Our focus is multi-species rotational grazing to produce nutrient dense eggs and grass-fed meats. What does that mean? It means we move chickens, turkeys, sheep, and cattle around on pasture in a way that promotes the health of the soil and in turn the health of the animals. Our land is never sprayed with chemicals of any kind and our animals are never fed hormones or anitbiotics. In addition to pasture raised eggs and grass-fed meats we grow heirloom tomatoes with the nitrogen rich manure our laying hens provide us and keep beehives for the health of our gardens and to provide local honey to our community. Our Icelandic sheep have beautiful fleeces that we turn into both yarn, batting, and lambskin rugs. Building community and meeting the people we raise food for is one of the best job perks of being farmers. Don’t hesitate to ask about our other farming practices.

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Farmers Markets

West Seattle Farmers Market is year round every Sunday from 10-2 pm on California Avenue between Oregon and Alaska streets in Seattle, WA